GIS-hulp is a small company in the Netherlands which provides proffesional support for organisations in the Netherlands on the use of the Open Source GIS applicatie QGIS.

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Use OpenSource!

Why use expensive licensed GIS applications?

The government of the Netherlands asks governmental organisations to preferably use OpenSource products. But unfortunately even for projects in developing countries commercial GIS applications with expensive linceses are still used. Why not use QGIS, the OpenSource GIS applications!

GIS-hulp can help!

GIS-hulp provides

  • Support with installation and use of QGIS.
  • Development of QGIS plugins to extend QGIS functionality.
  • Improve QGIS documentation and translate QGIS documentation and QGIS application.

Every assignment will also contribute a bit to the development of QGIS.

Invest and share

Knowledge gained and functionality developed will be shared as much as possible. The contribution can be small, like improving the documentation or bigger like the development of a plugin that is uploaded to the central QGIS plugin repository so it will be available to all!

More info

Please have a look at About GIS-hulp and How I work.

Do you want to contact GIS-hulp for further information
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With friendly regards,
Diethard Jansen